Industrial Ball Valves/ 1000 Series Y-Strainer Valves

Basic Technical Information

Model 1200F Class 125 ANSI B16.1 Flanged
Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Pressure Rating: 200 PSI @ 150°F
Maximum Temperature: 185°F
Steam Pressure Rating: 85 PSI
Gauge Taps
Flush Port to facilitate screen cleaning
Epoxy Coating internal and external
304 Stainless Steel screen
Replacement screens available

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The 1000 series Y-Strainers are manufactured to remove unwanted debris from the piping system that may cause damage to expensive equipment downstream. Y-Strainers can be applied in either horizontal or vertical pipelines as long as the straining element is placed in the downward position, with the arrow matching the direction of flow.

The Stainless Steel Screen needs to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent build up and increased system pressure. Simply remove the four bolts and cover plate to access the screen, in order to fully clean. Time between full cleaning may be lengthened by utilizing the Flush Port, in order to drain/remove some of the debris.


Y-Strainers shall be American Valve 1200F. Strainer body shall be constructed of Ductile Iron with ANSI Class 125 flanges. Strainer shall have a replaceable 304 Stainless Steel screen. Strainer shall be rated at 200 PSI @ 150 degrees Farenheit. Strainer shall be equipped with a drilled and tapped flush/blow down port located in the body cap. Strainer shall have two drilled and tapped gauge taps in the body to facilitate the installation of either gauges or a pressure switch to monitor strainer performance.

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