Industrial Ball Valves/ 2000 Series Balancing Valves

Basic Technical Information

Model 2200F Balancing Valve
- Double Regulating
Class 125 ANSI B16.1 Flanged
Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Pressure Rating: 200 PSI
Maximum Temperature: 250°F
Globe Style
Gauge Taps
Flow Coefficient data available
Epoxy Coating internal and external

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Primary use in injection or other circuits requiring double regulating valve for systems balancing. Accuracy of flow measurement is +/- 5% at all open positions of the valve. Y-pattern globe valves, fitted with two pressure test valves to provide flow measurement, regulation and isolation.


Balancing valves shall be American Valve Model 2200F in sizes indicated on the plans. Valves shall be ductile iron construction with Class 125 ANSI flanged connections suitable for up to 200 psi pressure and include two pressure test valves for measurement, regulation and isolation. Valves are engineered for proportional balancing setting prior to system start-up as indicated in pre-set balancing schedules.

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