Industrial Ball Valves / 4000D Flanged Ball Valves

Ductile Iron flanged ball valve with PFA* fused ball

It's what you've been waiting for.

Replaces Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Gate Valves, and Eccentric Plug Valves. With 80,000 psi tensile strength, it's stronger than steel. Ductile Iron easily out-performs Carbon Steel in water applications. With dramatically lower torque, and the corrosion-resistance of PFA* fused .008" into the solid stainless steel ball, you'll understand why thousands of valve buyers have switched to the 4000D.

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Installation Instructions

    • 150 psi WSP
    • 300 psi WOG
    • 366º F
    • MSS SP-72
    • ANSI B16.5 Raised Face
    • FED. SPEC. WW-V-35AWWA C507-99 Proof of Design Test
    • Lead-Free
    • Face to Face and Flanged dimensions Conform to ANSI Standard B16.10 which exactly match end to end dimensions of all cast iron gate valves and plug valves
    • Blow-out Proof Stainless Steel Stem
    • Adjustable Length/Removable Handles to Fit into Areas of Limited Space
    • Lockable in Full Open or Closed Positions
    • Mounting Pad for Easy Actuation
    • Available in sizes 2" through 10"
    • Full Port through 6"
    • Reinforced PTFE Seats
    • Zero Lead
    • This patented Ductile Iron Ball Valve has been engineered to replace any IBBM gate valve, all iron gate valves, or plug valves

PFA* Fused Ball

The 4000 and 3700 Series feature a PFA* fused ball that is more durable, less succeptible to accumulating buildup and longer lasting than an ordinary unprotected ball. This adds to a long list of advantages over other types of valves.

With the help of Dupont, we developed a process to impregnate PFA* .008" into a solid metal ball. An additional .004" is added electrostatically for smoothness. Since the PFA* becomes part of the metal, it can't flake, chip, or peel off.

The corrosion and chemical resistance of PFA* has been recognized around the world. With the introduction of this valve we present an affordable (same price as most gate valves) ball valve that will outlast any unprotected metal valve in any application.

The lubricity of our PFA* ball allows for lower torque ratings in any application, making it easier to turn and require a smaller, less expensive actuator.

We offer a complete line of actuators, gear operators and operating nuts for the 4000 series. Our unique PFA* fused ball and lower operating torques make the 4000 series an effective alternative to cast iron gates, carbon steel ball valves and plug valves. The four-bolt actuator mounting pad is ideal for applications requiring automation.

*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon®.


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*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon®.