Industrial Ball Valves / Operating Torque

Operating Torque

The actual amount of torque required to operate a valve is dependent upon many variables, such as line pressure, temperature, type of fluid, frequency of operation.

The following table is based on average breakaway torque requirements for a valve handling a clean, particle-free liquid such as water. The following charts include a safety allowance for service conditions. The torque figures listed should be further adjusted for special service conditions. For fluids with high solids or abrasive content, consult factory for recommendations.



Torque (ft. lbs.)
1/2 10
3/4 10
1 10
1 1/2 20
2 35
2 1/2 48
3 62
4 130
6 260
8 360
10 535

*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon®.