AMERI-CONNECT™ Flexible Connectors

Best in the Industry.

Milano LogoAMERI-CONNECT™ flexible connectors from American Valve are designed to simplify the installation and repair of drain, waste, and vent piping. Our expert design and ISO 9000 quality system ensure quality without compromise. All American Valve flexible connectors carry a lifetime warranty.

AMERI-CONNECT™ flexible connectors include stronger 300 Series Stainless Steel clamps that outlast and out-perform the competition.

AMERI-CONNECT™ flexible connectors are certified by CSA and IAPMO to meet all local plumbing codes
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No-Hub Couplings

Connect hubless cast iron pipe

Heavy Duty Shielded No-Hub Couplings

Connects cast iron pipes and other materials

Pipe Hub Donuts

Connect hub-end pipes

Flexible Couplings

Connect pipes of various materials

Pipe X Clay Couplings

Connect pipes of various materials

Flexible Tees & Elbows

Replacement DWV fittings

Flexible Pipe Caps

Seal off open pipe ends

Flange Repair Kits

(Sizes 2" to 6")