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Water Treatment Solutions for Your Multifamily Property

When tenants don’t have hot water, you need to respond quickly. You need durable solutions that reduce maintenance costs, prolong equipment life, and are easy on your bottom line. American Valve is here to deliver.

American Valve proudly offers limescale inhibitors engineered specifically to meet the needs of multi-family residential properties. As your property management company’s maintenance and operations leader, we invite you to partner with American Valve to build reliability, comfort, and ROI to your property. Your plumbing contractor, your tenants, and your budget will thank you.

Whether you’re operating an apartment complex, a senior living home, or public housing, American Valve’s water treatment solutions allow you to set up properties for success. Our zero-maintenance limescale inhibitors are designed to enhance the reliability of water heaters and significantly extend their lifespan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help reduce maintenance calls and boost tenant satisfaction.

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Don’t Let Limescale Get a Leg Up

Limescale reduces the efficiency of water heaters and leaves unsightly deposits on sinks and tubs, all of which is a deterrent to potential residents. American Valve proudly offers ScaleRx®, a maintenance-free scale inhibitor engineered to protect water heaters from the detrimental effects of hard water. ScaleRx prevents the formation of limescale deposits on water heater elements, anode rods, heat exchangers, and plumbing fixtures. ScaleRx is a selling point for your future residents.
ScaleRx Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System with transparent background

Maintenance-Free Limescale Solutions

Limescale build-up can block pipes, faucet aerators, and cause corrosion. It also leaves deposits on clothes and dishes and is a constant nuisance for residents, renters, and facilities managers at your property. More significantly, limescale build-up on water heater elements reduces their overall efficiency, drives up energy bills, and leads to premature appliance failure. American Valve’s ScaleRx scale inhibitor is designed for multifamily operators looking for a limescale solution that actually works without the need for filters, power, or chemicals.

Over 90% of multifamily developments in the U.S. are affected by hard water and limescale buildup. ScaleRx prevents limescale accumulation in water heaters, adding years to their effective lifespan. ScaleRx is simple to install, lasts longer than the water heater itself, and is completely maintenance-free. ScaleRx is a solution that helps you better serve your residents and sets you apart from the competition. Include ScaleRx in your new construction project or water heater retrofit, and pass on the benefit of reliable hot water to your customers.

Streamline Operations in Residential Properties with Solutions from American Valve

ScaleRx is built to address hard water challenges for a growing population. Whether you’re a Construction VP looking to implement energy-efficient solutions off the bat or a facilities manager looking for solutions that make your life easier, American Valve is here for you. Install ScaleRx today.

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