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Water Treatment & Processing
Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

Pure water is the most critical component of food and beverage production, and at American Valve, we understand that a breakdown in your water management system can bring your entire production line to a standstill. As a facilities manager responsible for maintaining seamless operations, you need water management solutions you can trust. American Valve is here to provide precisely that. Our durable, drinking-water-certified 4000 Series ball valves and ScaleRx® maintenance-free scale inhibitor solutions complement each other to improve your food and beverage production facility’s water management system.

a 4000 Series Valve
ScaleRx Redline product family

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Hard Water Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry Facilities

As a facilities manager in the food and beverage industry, you face challenges related to limescale buildup and hard water issues that impact your equipment, pipes, and overall operational efficiency. Limescale accumulation in your piping system, pumps, heat exchangers, valves, and other equipment can lead to clogs and contamination, reducing equipment efficiency and water flow. This not only increases energy consumption but also raises operational costs.

Good Food & Soft Drinks
Without the Limescale

Whether you’re involved in processing foods or beverages, starting with purified water is imperative. Hard water affects approximately 90% of facilities like yours, however, causing issues such as limescale buildup in plumbing systems. American Valve proudly presents ScaleRx, an innovative zero-maintenance scale inhibitor that effectively treats hard water, preventing limescale formation in pipes, filters, and water-using appliances.

By incorporating ScaleRx into your facility, you can extend the lifespan of your water system and appliances, reduce maintenance downtime, increase energy efficiency, and improve product quality. When it comes to beverage production, limescale is unwelcome. Eliminate it with ScaleRx.

ScaleRx Limescale Prevention for Cost Efficiency

To combat hard water challenges, you might currently rely on a water softener, which demands substantial labor, salt, and maintenance. Enter ScaleRX, American Valve’s innovative maintenance-free scale inhibitor solution engineered to provide a robust defense against hard water deposits in your water lines, equipment, and finished product.

ScaleRx effectively addresses hard water problems by preventing limescale formation in your piping system and other critical beverage production equipment. By integrating ScaleRx into your facility, you can significantly extend the lifespan of equipment, reduce maintenance expenses, and enhance energy efficiency.

Our ScaleRx solutions enhance the efficiency and reliability of your equipment, effectively managing hard water and limescale buildup in your equipment. By addressing limescale issues with ScaleRx, you can optimize the performance and longevity of your food and beverage production equipment and process water in a way that ensures the consistent quality of your products. ScaleRx is a wise investment, providing immediate ROI as well as long-term cost savings, and it contributes to a more sustainable and efficient water management strategy for your beverage production process.

Valve Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

In potable water, steam, chilled water, and waste lines, cycling a valve shouldn’t be hit or miss. You need positive shutoff and reliable operation. Leak-prone gate and butterfly valves pose significant challenges that eventually lead to downtime and disruptions. Beyond safety concerns, leaky and corroded valves are a nightmare for any food facility. American Valve presents the ideal solution with our innovative 4000 Series ball valves, designed to transform your water management experience.
4000 Series valve by American Valve

Your Pain Points, Our Solutions

As a facilities manager overseeing food manufacturing operations, we recognize the multifaceted challenges you navigate to ensure the highest standards of quality and drinking water safety in your plant.

4000 Series Valve Advantages

Positive Shutoff

One of the primary concerns with traditional valves lies in their susceptibility to leaks. Gate and butterfly valves have obstructions and exposed seating surfaces that accumulate minerals and debris. Over time seals become compromised, leading to leaks and inefficiency. 4000 Series ball valves from American Valve are free of obstructions and feature a patented PFA*-fused solid metal ball. This means that you can trust these valves to maintain a positive shutoff, eliminating the risks associated with damaging leaks and expensive maintenance operations to “exercise” valves periodically.

Effortless Operation

The 4000 Series stands out for its reliable ease of operation, a crucial feature for facility management teams who often need to make valve adjustments quickly. The non-stick lubricity of a PFA*-fused ball allows maintenance teams to act quickly and efficiently without the need of cheater bars or come-alongs to operate valves. This ease of use not only enhances the overall efficiency of your systems but also minimizes the downtime associated with maintenance tasks.

Patented PFA*-Fused Ball

American Valve pioneered the process to fuse PFA* .008” into a solid metal ball, providing exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion even where acidic waste is present—a common reason for valve failure. With a cast iron ball used in a cast iron body and a stainless steel ball inside a ductile iron or stainless steel body, 4000 Series ball valves can be used in applications where thermal expansion causes dissimilar metals to fail.

Versatile Replacement

4000 Series ball valves have the same flange dimensions, bolt patterns, and ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions to seamlessly replace any 125/150 class gate valve. The 4000 Series is also lighter and takes up less space. With a full port design, you won’t need to worry about flow restriction, providing a more efficient and modern solution tailored to the specific needs of food and beverage facility management.

Upgrade your healthcare facility’s plumbing and HVAC systems with the confidence of positive shutoff and effortless quarter-turn operation. Trust American Valve’s 4000 Series ball valves and their patented PFA*-fused ball to deliver the reliability your facility demands, ensuring a secure and efficient plumbing system that aligns with the highest standards of patient care.
*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon(R). Teflon(R) is a registered trademark of Chemours.

Drinking Water Compliance in Your Process Water

You take pride in ensuring that your end product is safe and consistent. This includes selecting valves that don’t introduce contamination. American Valve’s 4000 Series ball valves are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to NSF/ANSI standards 61 and 372 for drinking water systems. With our 4000 Series, you can rest easy knowing your valves are doing their part to maintain consistent product quality and safety.

4000 Series Valves & ScaleRx:
The Perfect Pair

Our valve solutions for food and beverage manufacturing plants combined with ScaleRX will optimize your water system’s performance, mitigating the detrimental effects of hard water on valves and other critical components. Prevent limescale solids and hard mineral deposits from clogging up your valves and piping systems. Partner with American Valve to harness the power of water for the food manufacturing industry.

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Ready to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your food production plant’s water management system? Contact American Valve today for tailored water treatment solutions that meet the unique needs of your operation. Trust us to deliver industry-leading valves and water conditioners, ensuring the quality and purity of your water for the best food products on the market.