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Industrial Valves & Scale Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing Plants

You use water in your automotive manufacturing plant every day. From cooling and hydraulic systems to parts cleaning and dust suppression, water is an integral part of your operations. As facilities manager of an automotive manufacturing plant, you need reliable valves that are easy to operate. Enter American Valve. Our patented valve and limescale solutions are engineered for automotive plants just like yours. Keep your assembly line moving efficiently with valves and limescale solutions from American Valve.
a 4000 Series Valve
ScaleRx Redline product family

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Automotive Manufacturing Water Management

At the top of your to-do list: effectively managing the water in your facility. Leaky and corroded gate, eccentric plug, and butterfly valves pose significant challenges and lead to disruptions on the factory floor. Beyond causing disruptions and downtime, leaking or stuck valves are a nightmare for any plant facility manager. American Valve presents the ideal solution with our innovative 4000 Series ball valves, designed to transform your water management experience.

Manage Your Plant’s Wastewater With Ease

Water becomes contaminated during various manufacturing processes, including parts cleaning, painting and coating, and metal machining. To manage this wastewater, you need valves with positive shutoff and corrosion-resistance that you and your maintenance team can cycle with ease. Our 4000 Series ball valves feature a patented PFA*-fused ball and are designed with your wastewater treatment system in mind. Whatever methods your plant uses to manage, treat, and discharge wastewater, 4000 Series ball valves are guaranteed to make your system easier to use. Simplify your job, streamline maintenance tasks, and enhance plant efficiency with 4000 Series ball valves.

4000 Series Valve Benefits

Positive Shutoff

One of the primary concerns with traditional valves lies in their susceptibility to leaks. 4000 Series ball valves from American Valve allow full flow free of obstructions and feature a patented PFA*-fused solid metal ball. This means that you can trust these valves to maintain a positive shutoff, eliminating the risks associated with damaging leaks and expensive maintenance operations to “exercise” valves periodically.

Effortless Operation

The 4000 Series stands out for its reliable ease of operation, a crucial feature for maintenance operations teams who often need to make valve adjustments quickly. The non-stick lubricity of a PFA*-fused ball allows maintenance teams to act quickly and efficiently without the need of cheater bars or come-alongs to operate valves. This ease of use not only enhances the overall efficiency of your systems but also minimizes the downtime associated with maintenance tasks.

Patented PFA*-Fused Ball

American Valve pioneered the process to fuse PFA* .008” into a solid metal ball, providing exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion even where acidic waste is present—a common reason for valve failure. With a cast iron ball used in a cast iron body and a stainless steel ball inside a ductile iron or stainless steel body, 4000 Series ball valves can be used in applications where thermal expansion causes dissimilar metals to fail.

Versatile Replacement

4000 Series ball valves have the same flange dimensions, bolt patterns, and ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions to seamlessly replace any 125/150 class eccentric plug or gate valve. The 4000 Series is also lighter and takes up less space. With a full port design, you won’t need to worry about flow restriction, providing a more efficient and modern solution tailored to the specific needs of plant utility applications.

Upgrade to 4000 Series Valves Today

You use a variety of valves in your automotive manufacturing plant for different purposes. Don’t let stuck gate valves, corroded butterfly valves, and leaking plug valves slow you down. Our 4000 Series ball valves are engineered to perform under tough conditions. Contact us today to explore how 4000 Series ball valves can fit seamlessly into your manufacturing plant.
*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon(R). Teflon(R) is a registered trademark of Chemours.

Limescale Protection for Your Automotive Industry Equipment

Hard water issues are pervasive, affecting nearly 90% of manufacturing plants like yours. Addressing the problems that come with hard water demands significant labor. This can translate into extensive assembly line downtime, increased maintenance costs, and a strain on your maintenance team. Enter ScaleRX®, American Valve’s innovative zero-maintenance scale inhibitor, designed to revolutionize the way you address hard water challenges in your automotive manufacturing plant.

If you’re currently using a water softening system in your factory, you are familiar with the hassles that come with it: regular maintenance, lots of salt, and hundreds of gallons of water required for system flushing. If you have hard water in your plant, you likely deal with the headache of limescale buildup in your pipes, heaters, boilers, strainers, and other expensive equipment. ScaleRX is here to solve these problems.

Don’t let limescale buildup stop your production line. ScaleRX is engineered to make your life easier. It’s a completely maintenance-free alternative to costly water softeners. ScaleRX is truly a “set it and forget it” solution. After easy installation, you don’t need to perform maintenance on it again. Protect your automotive manufacturing line and water supplied equipment from limescale with ScaleRX.

Lower Your Costs with Limescale Prevention

Managing production costs is an ongoing challenge. As a facility manager, you need to optimize efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce maintenance cost without jeopardizing quality. ScaleRX is your answer. ScaleRX effectively addresses hard water problems by preventing limescale formation in your piping system, pumps, heaters, and other water distribution equipment. By incorporating ScaleRX into your facility, you will prolong the life of your piping system, reduce maintenance expenses, and reduce energy use. When you replace a water softener with ScaleRX, you’ll significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs. Save time and money with American Valve’s straightforward, solutions-oriented approach to limescale prevention.

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Your automotive manufacturing plant deserves efficient water management solutions that enhance productivity and reduce downtime. American Valve offers cutting-edge technology with our 4000 Series ball valves with PFA*- fused ball ensuring leak-resistant assurance, effortless operation, and durable construction. Simplify your hard water challenges with ScaleRX, our zero-maintenance scale inhibitor designed to revolutionize the way you handle hard water.

Elevate your manufacturing plant’s performance and protect your equipment from limescale-related issues. Don’t let outdated valves or hard water slow you down – upgrade to American Valve solutions now.