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Valve Solutions & Limescale Protection for Universities

As a university facilities manager, you want to ensure that your plumbing and HVAC systems are running smoothly and efficiently without dealing with unnecessary downtime and expenses. If you’re looking to avoid the headaches that come with limescale buildup or inconsistent water pressure at your university or education facility, American Valve has the solutions for you.
Universities need consistent water quality and supply to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for students, faculty, and staff. Our 4000 Series ball valves and ScaleRX® maintenance free scale inhibitor solutions contribute to operational efficiency and satisfaction of on-campus stakeholders, making your job run more smoothly. Say goodbye to leaky valves and limescale buildup. Partner with American Valve today for limescale protection and valve solutions engineered for you.

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ScaleRx: The Answer to Your Hard Water Problems

ScaleRx Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System with transparent background
With almost 90% of the country considered a “hard water area,” it’s no surprise that limescale formation is a problem on your campus. American Valve is here to help. Our ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitors are guaranteed to outperform a water softener when it comes to return on investment. ScaleRX combats the effects of hard water on plumbing fixtures and water heaters, minimizing the risks of breakdowns and downtime and ensuring high quality water for dorms, classroom buildings, food service, and athletics facilities.

Increase Appliance Efficiency

At American Valve, we recognize the issues you have on campus when it comes to hard water. Limescale builds up on faucets, showerheads, drinking fountains, and water heaters. This buildup reduces flow rate and decreases the efficiency of appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers. While a commercial water softener may solve this problem, it also comes with the hassle of intensive regular maintenance. ScaleRX reliably inhibits the formation of limescale deposits and is entirely maintenance-free. If you’re looking for a hard water treatment solution without the need for regular upkeep, ScaleRX is the limescale protection solution for you. Limescale deposits on heating elements in water heaters limit heat transfer and reduce efficiency. This leads to higher energy consumption, longer heating times, and increased operational costs. With thousands of students living on campus, you can’t afford to let hard water problems get out of control.

Optimize Flow Rate

Limescale deposits can also build up in pipe systems, slowing down flow rate and decreasing water pressure across campus. Descaling is hard work, and your facilities team doesn’t have extra time to waste. Prevent limescale from the start with ScaleRX. When you install ScaleRX, you’ll never have to worry about replenishing salt, cleaning or replacing resin beds, or backflushing your system again. Save time and money with our ScaleRX maintenance-free scale inhibitor, and provide healthy water to your entire campus without the labor and mess that come with traditional water softeners.

Prevent Surface Stains

Limescale deposits leave an unsightly mess on faucets, tubs, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. Today’s students want to feel comfortable and at-home on campus. Ensure every visitor to your campus has the best experience possible with limescale prevention solutions by American Valve.

Avoid Downtime with
Boiler Valve Replacements
from American Valve

In any university facility, the reliability of your boiler valves is critical to ensure hot water is readily accessible across campus. A leaky or corroded boiler water valve poses significant challenges, leading to steam loss, energy inefficiency, and potential water system damage. If you’re struggling with a boiler valve that sticks or binds, American Valve has the solution for you. Our 4000 Series ball valves with patented PFA*-fused balls are engineered to eliminate sticking, binding, leaks, and corrosion, ensuring even heating and water pressure.

Our valves are a direct replacement for gate valves throughout your campus, providing an additional layer of protection against leaks and corrosion in steam, condensate, chilled water, and potable water applications alike.

4000 Series valve by American Valve

4000 Series Valve Benefits

You use a variety of valves in your facilities for different purposes. Don’t let stuck gate valves and leaking butterfly valves slow you down. If you’re tired of leaky or corroded valves creating headaches, you’ve come to the right place. Our 4000 Series Ball Valves are engineered to transform your water management experience.
Positive Shutoff

One of the primary concerns with traditional valves lies in their susceptibility to leaks. Gate and butterfly valves have obstructions and exposed seating surfaces that accumulate minerals and debris. Over time seals become compromised, leading to leaks and inefficiency. 4000 Series ball valves from American Valve are free of obstructions and feature a patented PFA*-fused solid metal ball. This means that you can trust these valves to maintain a positive shutoff, eliminating the risks associated with damaging leaks and expensive maintenance operations to “exercise” valves periodically.

Effortless Operation

The 4000 Series stands out for its reliable ease of operation, a crucial feature for facility management teams who often need to make valve adjustments quickly. The non-stick lubricity of a PFA*-fused ball allows maintenance teams to act quickly and efficiently without the need of cheater bars or come-alongs to operate valves. This ease of use not only enhances the overall efficiency of your systems but also minimizes the downtime associated with maintenance tasks.

Patented PFA*-Fused Ball

American Valve pioneered the process to fuse PFA* .008” into a solid metal ball, providing exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion even where acidic waste is present—a common reason for valve failure. With a cast iron ball used in a cast iron body and a stainless steel ball inside a ductile iron or stainless steel body, 4000 Series ball valves can be used in applications where thermal expansion causes dissimilar metals to fail.

Versatile Replacement

4000 Series ball valves have the same flange dimensions, bolt patterns, and ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions to seamlessly replace any 125/150 class gate valve. The 4000 Series is also lighter and takes up less space. With a full port design, you won’t need to worry about flow restriction, providing a more efficient and modern solution tailored to the specific needs of campus facility management.

Drinking Water Certified

American Valve builds valves that not only ensure easy quarter-turn operation and positive shutoff in steam, chilled water, and waste lines, but are also certified to NSF/ANSI standards 61 and 372 for potable systems.

Upgrade your campus with the confidence of quarter-turn performance and effortless operation. Trust American Valve’s 4000 Series Ball Valves to deliver the reliability your facility demands, ensuring a secure and efficient water supply for students, faculty, and staff.
*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon(R). Teflon(R) is a registered trademark of Chemours.

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As a university facilities manager, your commitment to your campus is profound. Trust American Valve to be your partner in maintaining a reliable and safe water supply for your university. Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can enhance the efficiency of your water management systems, reduce maintenance needs, and contribute to a positive visitor and stakeholder experience on campus.