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The 4000 Series Ball Valves

Industrial & Commercial Valves that Lead The Way

American Valve’s 4000 Series™ is a solution without compromise for facility, factory, and municipal managers. Featuring a patented, corrosion-resistant PFA*-fused solid ball, the 4000 Series is more durable, less susceptible to buildup, and longer-lasting than any ordinary ball valve.

Our design provides maximum flow rate free from obstruction and is the ideal alternative to gate, butterfly, and eccentric plug valves. Seats are protected from wear, and automation is a breeze with low operating torque and an ISO standard mounting pad.

With the same ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions as any 125/150 class gate valve or eccentric plug valve, and the convenience of a quarter turn operation, 4000 Series ball valves are used in a wide range of applications around the world. When gate, butterfly, or eccentric plug valves cannot be trusted, switch to solutions from American Valve.

The Ball

The heart of the 4000 Series is in the ball. Whether using a cast iron ball (for cast iron bodies), or a stainless steel ball (for ductile iron and stainless steel bodies), the 4000 Series uses a ball fused with PFA* that resists surface build-up that prematurely damages the seats.  Since the PFA* is fused .008” into the solid metal, it can’t wear, chip or flake off.  

For facility, factory, and municipal managers who are frustrated with corrosion & build-up on their gate, plug, ball, or butterfly valve and not getting bubble-tight shutoff with their gate or plug valves, the American Valve 4000 Series offers a complete family of cost-effective flanged ball valves featuring a patented PFA*-fused ball that outperforms and outlasts ordinary ball valves.

4000 Series valves are easy to open, easy to close, and feature a patented PFA*-fused ball that resists buildup and corrosion to extend valve life. All 4000 Series ball valves are certified by UL to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 for drinking water safety.

Gate valves have been around for centuries, and so have their inherent design flaws. The metal seat rings and discs are constantly exposed to buildup and wear, making them difficult or impossible to cycle. Earlier ball valves were designed for oil refineries, and lacked features needed in water, air, or steam applications.

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4000 Series is the Solution without Compromise.


Our design provides maximum flow rate free from obstruction. The seats are protected in the full open or closed position. Automation is a breeze with low operating torque and an ISO standard mounting pad. 4000 Series ball valves are used in critical applications around the world where gate, butterfly, or eccentric plug valves cannot be trusted.

Industry Applications for the 4000 Series

Commercial & Industrial Valves:
4000 Series Product List

4000 SERIES Advantages & Comparisons

Traditional Gate Valves

Quarter turn provides instant shutoff

Full unobstructed opening provides superior flow rate

No bronze parts enables use in all-iron gate valve applications

Class VI positive shutoff

Butterfly Valves


No disc in waterway to create turbulence

PTFE seats are far more reliable and resistant to wear than EPDM BUNA-N

More suitable for steam, petroleum, and corrosive applications

Full opening provides superior flow characteristics

Plug Valves


Full unobstucted flow

No exposed internal components to catch and retain debris

Seats fully protected from wear in the Open & Closed positions

Class VI positive shutoff

4000 Series Valve FAQs

  • Our patented PFA*-fused ball resists corrosion better than balls made with unprotected metal surfaces. (Refer to any manufacturer’s chemical resistance guide for further information.)
  • PFA inhibits the buildup of lime, calcium, sludge, etc. that accumulates on a ball’s surface and prevents premature failure of the valve seats.
  • 4000 Series valves with PFA-fused balls can last up to ten times longer than valves made with unprotected ball surfaces.
  • The lubricity of the PFA-fused ball allows for lower torque ratings in any application, and eliminates ball pitting, prevents buildup, lowers torque, and stops premature valve failure.
  • Since PFA is actually impregnated .008” into the solid metal, it can’t wear, chip, or flake off.
  • Same flanges and end-to-end dimensions as any 125# or 150# gate, ball, or plug valve
  • Convenience of quarter-turn operation.
  • Certified to NSF 61 & 372 for potable water.
  • Polyester powder coating for added strength and lubricity.

American Valve offers a complete package of pneumatic and electric actuators, gear operators, and stem extensions for the 4000 Series. The flexible, modular design of the patented 4000 Series can be used to combine actuators, solenoid valves, limit switches, and other accessories in a variety of applications. Standard 2” square operating nuts are available to effectively satisfy underground requirements.

The unmatched lubricity of PFA makes the 4000 Series easier and more economical to automate than traditional valves. Our in-house automation program provides a fast, cost-effective, and turn-key solution for your automation needs. Pneumatic and electric actuators made for the 4000 Series have an unmatched cycle life and are the industry-wide preference for even the most severe applications. These actuators offer adaptability to a variety of process conditions to accommodate your application.

  • Quarter turn provides instant shutoff.
  • Full unobstructed opening provides superior flow rate and durability.
  • Easy to open and close, no cheater bar required.
  • Class VI positive shutoff.
  • No bronze seat rings, bronze disc rings or bronze stems to wear out.
  • Lighter than a gate valve, making installation and handling easier.
  • Handle shows whether open or closed.
  • Ball wipes clean during opening and closing.
  • Compact design fits into areas of limited space.
  • Throttling is permitted. Top works feature a standard memory stop.
  • Low profile design enables easier storage and shipping.
  • Can be locked in either an open or closed position.
  • PFA-fused ball resists corrosion, in a wider range of applications.
  • Zero wear rate in the open position.
  • Easy and inexpensive to rebuild/repair.
  • No disc in the waterway to create turbulence.
  • Same ANSI flanged dimensions as gate valve for easier retrofit.
  • PTFE seats, not Buna N or EPDM.
  • More suitable for steam, petroleum, and corrosive applications.
  • Seats are protected from wear in the open or closed position.
  • Adjustable PTFE packing instead of O-ring stem seals.
  • Class VI positive shutoff.
  • Blow-out proof stainless steel stem.
  • Full unobstructed flow.
  • No exposed internal components to catch and retain debris.
  • No lubrication required to ensure smooth operation and maintain seals.
  • Lower torque for more efficient and cost effective automation.
  • Class VI positive shutoff.

Our patented PFA-fused ball means reduced operating torque compared with ordinary ball valves. The actual amount of torque required to operate a valve is dependent upon many variables, such as line pressure, temperature, type of fluid, and frequency of operation.

*PFA is an ingredient commonly branded as Teflon(R). 


Every 4000 Series valve is listed by UL to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 & 372, meaning you can rest assured these valves are made for potable water.

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