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ScaleRx®: An Innovative Ion Polarization Scale Inhibitor

ScaleRx® is the answer to your hard water problems.


Unlike a labor-intensive water softening system, ScaleRx effectively prevents the formation of hard mineral deposits without chemically altering or removing mineral content from water.

Independent testing conducted by IAPMO R&T demonstrates that ScaleRx prevents 76% of scale deposition on heating elements, protecting your home water heater or industrial equipment.

Side-by-side comparison testing reveals ScaleRx is 4 times more effective than the leading electronic scale reduction device.

Save yourself time, money, and the hassle of dealing with scale buildup. Install ScaleRx today.

ScaleRx Scale Inhibitor Features

American Valve’s ScaleRx Ion Polarization Scale Prevention systems are designed to treat water with elevated levels of dissolved calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate to prevent the formation of calcite crystals, or limescale, on downstream components.

Our innovative 4000 Series ball valves are designed with maintenance engineers and facilities manages in mind – easy to open, easy to close, and featuring a patented PFA*-fused ball that resists buildup and corrosion to extend valve life. All 4000 Series ball valves are certified by UL to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 for drinking water safety.

Explore the ScaleRx Series of Scale Inhibitors

ScaleRx Comparison Features

Scale RX –   Low/Easy
Traditional Water Softening Systems –   High/Complex
Scale RX –   4 times more effective than leading electronic devices


Traditional Water Softening Systems –    Less effective; varies by system
Scale RX –   None


Traditional Water Softening Systems –   Yes; chemically removes mineral content
Scale RX –   None


Traditional Water Softening Systems –   Routine maintenance requirements
Scale RX –   Compatible with a broad range of materials


Traditional Water Softening Systems –   Compatible, but may have limitations
Scale RX –   Multiple (Threaded, Flanged, Shark Bite)


Traditional Water Softening Systems –   Limited Options
Scale RX –   Ion Polarization Scale Prevention


Traditional Water Softening Systems –   Various; often salt based processes

Economic Impact of Scale

Limescale buildup poses a costly challenge for both commercial/industrial facilities and homeowners, leading to clogged pipes, reduced efficiency of heating and cooling systems, and premature equipment failure. This not only inflates maintenance and energy costs but also necessitates expensive repairs or replacements. ScaleRx offers an innovative and proactive approach to mitigate these issues, ensuring system longevity and operational efficiency.

The Cost of Limescale

Percentage of Energy Wasted
Scale Thickness
Increased Running Time

Diverse Industry Applications

ScaleRx is a solution that spans across industries, including:

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Scale Inhibitor FAQs

Water containing high levels of dissolved calcium or magnesium carbonate leaves mineral deposits commonly known as “limescale” or “scale” on plumbing components. These deposits restrict flow, prevent heat transfer, and cause corrosion.

Limescale formation:

  • Restricts flow
  • Slows transfer of heat
  • Decreases efficiency
  • Damages heating elements
  • Decreases water pressure
  • Shortens appliance life span
  • Requires frequent and costly maintenance
  • Leaves unsightly deposits on clothes and dishes
  • Increases energy bills

Over 85% of America has hard water. Limescale accumulation blocks heat transfer, causes corrosion, and contributes to premature failure of expensive appliances and equipment. ScaleRx effectively inhibits the formation of limescale deposits and is suitable for a wide range of equipment handling moderate to severe hard water.

ScaleRx effectively disrupts the formation of limescale as cold water enters a tank or tankless water heater system. ScaleRx contains alloy discs that create a small galvanic current, which prevents the formation of calcite crystals (limescale). Calcium carbonate instead forms aragonite crystals, allowing the mineral content to flow freely through without accumulating on surfaces. Nothing is filtered, removed, or chemically altered.

  1. Cold water enters the ScaleRx system and flows through an array of discs that generate a small galvanic current and turbulent flow.
  2. The patented TGP™ process effectively prevents the formation of calcite crystals.
  3. After passing through ScaleRx, calcium carbonate crystallizes as aragonite, which is less apt to stick to surfaces and flows freely through plumbing systems.

ScaleRx can be installed on any tank or tankless water heater and connects directly to any ¾” Male NPT Copper, PEX, PVC or CPVC pipe. Testing conducted by IAPMO R&T shows ScaleRx to be 76% effective at preventing limescale deposits on copper heating elements. In side-by-side comparison testing it was 4 times more effective than the leading electronic scale reduction device.


  • Prevents up to 76% of limescale buildup in equipment and water systems
  • Extends the life and efficiency of equipment
  • Is certified by IAPMO R&T to drinking water standards NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 & 372
  • Requires no filters, power source, or maintenance
  • Acts as a limescale-caused corrosion inhibitor

Traditional water softeners are labor-intensive and time consuming. They require salt, resin beads, circulating water, backflushing, and cleaning in order to chemically alter water. On the other hand, ScaleRx prevents the formation of limescale crystals without water treatment chemicals, filters, or labor. For facilities managers and homeowners alike, the return on investment with ScaleRx as compared to a traditional water softening system is night and day. ScaleRx is truly a “set it and forget it” solution to prevent mineral scale deposits.

ScaleRX can be installed on the main water line to your home or before the inlet of any residential water heater to prevent limescale accumulation. ScaleRx replaces just under 12” of pipe, so you will want to leave enough space to work around any pipe fittings or obstacles.

ScaleRx contains no filters and is maintenance-free. The body is made of 304 stainless steel, and testing has shown that ScaleRx remains effective after 12 years of constant use. Say goodbye to your scale problem with ScaleRx. 

Certainly! The outside components are made of durable stainless steel and made to survive harsh environments. ScaleRx Whole Home comes with optional SharkBite™ fittings which are not rated for outdoor use.

ScaleRx is compatible with hard copper (types L, K and M), PEX, HDPE, PE-RT, CPVC, or and PVC pipe. Brass or plastic adapters may be connected directly to ScaleRx.

ScaleRx contains patented TGP® turbines that create both turbulence and a small galvanic current. These features combine to prevent the formation of calcite crystals. Scale inhibition with ScaleRx keeps your water heater and other equipment free from scale build up. 

Less than 1 GPM pressure drop at household pressures. ScaleRx doesn’t reduce household water pressure.

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