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Commercial Water Treatment Systems for Hotels and Resorts

We know that as a hotel facilities manager, you want to ensure that your plumbing and HVAC systems run smoothly and efficiently without burdensome maintenance tasks. American Valve offers solutions tailored specifically to you. We know the hospitality industry demands consistent water quality and supply to ensure a comfortable experience for guests. Our valves contribute to guest satisfaction and operational efficiency in hotels and resorts, making your job run more smoothly.

Our ScaleRX® zero-maintenance scale inhibitors combat the effects of hard water on plumbing systems and water heaters, minimizing the risks of breakdowns and downtime. If you’re looking to avoid the headaches that come with limescale buildup and equipment failure at your hotel or resort property, we have the solutions for you.

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ScaleRX: A Zero-Maintenance Alternative to Water Softeners

ScaleRX combats the effects of hard water on plumbing systems and water heaters, minimizing the risks of breakdowns and downtime and ensuring high quality water for your guests. Independent testing confirms that ScaleRX prevents up to 76% of limescale deposits on equipment without the use of chemicals, filters, or electricity. Water softeners leave water feeling slimy, and require thousands of dollars in annual maintenance. ScaleRX is an elegant flow-through solution that lasts for years and requires no maintenance.

Increase Appliance Reliability

Limescale formation reduces the heat transfer and flow rate in equipment like water heaters, chillers, and dishwashers. In fact, just .002” of scale accumulation increases pumping needs by 20% in a heated swimming pool. Limescale also corrodes heating elements and pipes, leading to damage and expensive repairs.

Icemakers yield less ice when the heating element is coated with scale, sometimes dropping unsightly chunks of calcite into the bin. Flushing and costly descaling is a thing of the past when you install ScaleRX to protect plumbing and HVAC equipment.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Maintenance

Water softeners require salt to regenerate the ion-exchange resin. The time, salt, and water required for routine maintenance add up and take a big chunk out of your budget.

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As a hotel facilities manager, your commitment to improving guest experience is remarkable. Trust American Valve to be your partner in maintaining a reliable and efficient water supply in your hotel or resort. Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can enhance the efficiency of your water management systems, reduce maintenance needs, and contribute to a positive guest experience.