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Scale Inhibitors & Valve Solutions
by American Valve

We understand the critical role water plays in your workplace, and we are committed to providing innovative valve and limescale solutions to address your water treatment and water management challenges. Our expertise in developing reliable industrial valves and scale prevention technology makes us your trusted partner in solving your industry-specific pain points. From healthcare facilities to manufacturing, our innovative solutions are designed to harness the power of water for your workplace. Don’t let water management issues clog up your to-do list, partner with American Valve and make water work for you.

Healthcare Facilities

As a healthcare facilities manager, maintaining a safe and clean water supply is critical, as is getting in front of potential issues with your water management system to avoid breakdowns and downtime. American Valve offers straightforward solutions to your challenges. Our NSF 61 & 372-certified valves help ensure consistent water quality, zero maintenance, and reliable operation, keeping your facility running full steam ahead.

We take drinking water seriously, ensuring a reliable water supply for healthcare providers and patients. The healthcare industry solutions we offer are designed to easily integrate into your existing facility infrastructure. Additionally, our ScaleRX® zero-maintenance scale inhibitors are essential for combatting hard water problems and minimizing limescale buildup in critical water systems like yours. Doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, and patients alike depend on clean, reliable water; that means they depend on you. We value communication and efficiency just as much as you do; contact us today to see how our solutions can work for you.

Universities & Education Facilities

Educational facilities like the one you manage rely on water for heating, cooling, and drinking throughout campus—from laboratories and sports facilities to dormitories and cafeterias. Solving maintenance challenges may seem daunting, but American Valve is here to provide straightforward approaches to your water problems to help you avoid breakdowns and keep your facilities running smoothly.

Our valves facilitate efficient water management, reduce waste, and ensure compliance with drinking water regulations. We help facility managers like you optimize their water systems, addressing operational challenges unique to the education sector. Our ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitors ensure that heating and cooling systems operate efficiently, making your job easier.

Hotels & Resorts

We know that as a hotel facilities manager, you want to ensure that your plumbing and HVAC systems run efficiently without unexpected outages or burdensome maintenance tasks. American Valve offers solutions tailored specifically to you. We know the hospitality industry demands a consistent, high-quality water supply to ensure a comfortable experience for guests. Our solutions contribute to guest satisfaction and operational efficiency in hotels and resorts, making your job run more smoothly. Our ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitors combat the effects of hard water on plumbing systems and water heaters, minimizing the risks of breakdowns and downtime. If you’re looking to avoid the headaches that come with limescale buildup or inconsistent water pressure at your hotel or resort property, we have the solutions for you.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Breakdowns in a wastewater treatment plant are a nightmare for facilities managers. Get in front of these costly and time-consuming issues by implementing customized solutions from American Valve. We understand how critical it is for your valves to be functioning efficiently, reliably, and safely at all times. American Valve provides specialized valve solutions to optimize the control and management of wastewater in your facility, reducing operational costs and ensuring compliance with regulations.

In your plant, limescale interferes with equipment like heaters, filters, and flow meters—ultimately creating more work for you. Our ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitors enhance the efficiency and reliability of your facility, effectively handling limescale buildup in your equipment. Your time is valuable, and we assure you that our straightforward, solutions-oriented approach will save you time and money.


As a homeowner, you know that keeping up with home-maintenance is no easy task. Limescale buildup from hard water makes your home’s water heater less effective. Leaky exterior faucets can ruin your landscaping, drive up your water bill, and potentially cause water damage to your home. When it comes to preventing leaks and limescale, American Valve is here to help.

Independent testing by IAPMO R&T shows that ScaleRX scale inhibitors effectively prevent 76% of scale deposits in water heaters, extending lifespan without any chemicals, filters, or maintenance. When it comes to outdoor water use, flow restriction and leaks drive up water use and water bills. Prevent water waste with Signature HD Quarter-Turn valves.

Multi-Family Residential

Whether you manage an existing multi-family building or a new project, you need to ensure that plumbing and heating systems run smoothly and efficiently without tolerating downtime. ScaleRX is a maintenance-free solution to limescale buildup in plumbing and HVAC systems. ScaleRX extends the life of water heaters, providing a cost-effective return on investment and mitigating risks of failure.

Food Service

Managing a restaurant or cafeteria requires attention to detail at all times. Wouldn’t it be nice to take something off your plate? Limescale accumulation in water heaters and ice machines blocks heat transfer, reduces efficiency, and leaves an unsightly mess. If you find yourself worrying about water quality and control in your restaurant, look no further than American Valve. American Valve’s solutions meet the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency in the food service industry. Let ScaleRX do the heavy lifting in your restaurant so you don’t have to.

Food & Beverage Production

As a food or beverage manufacturing facilities manager, you know how critical water quality is for product consistency, quality, and safety. You also need to be able to trust that your heating, chilling, waste, or process water systems function reliably. American Valve’s food and beverage solutions contribute to efficient water systems, complying with industry standards and regulations.

You simply can’t risk the introduction of impurities when it comes to food and beverage manufacturing, which is why our 4000 Series valves are certified by UL to NSF 61 & 372 drinking water standards. Our ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitor combats the effects of hard minerals in process water and related systems, keeping your equipment operating efficiently. American Valve’s solutions make water work for you so you can maintain the highest levels of product safety and consistency in your facility.

Automotive Manufacturing

As the facilities manager for an automotive manufacturing plant, failure is not an option. We know that you rely on water and compressed air for numerous manufacturing, heating, and cooling processes in your facility, and we’re here to help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

Resistance to change can be a good thing, but not when it comes to technological advances in water management, which can help prevent breakdowns and eliminate downtime. Our 4000 Series valves and ScaleRX zero-maintenance scale inhibitors do both. American Valve’s patented PFA*-fused ball resists wear and buildup to support efficient production and easy operation. Our scale inhibition solutions play a crucial role in ensuring that water systems in your facility remain free from limescale buildup, saving you time and money.

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American Valve is dedicated to providing valve and limescale solutions specific to your industry. Our innovative valves and scale inhibitors are designed to enhance water quality, control, and efficiency, ensuring a reliable water supply for your facility while reducing your operational costs. Contact us today to explore how our valve solutions can benefit your facility and resolve your specific water management pain points. Let American Valve be your trusted partner in harnessing the power of water for your facility.