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Industrial Valve Manufacturers:
Harnessing Water for Over a Century

Welcome to American Valve, where tradition meets innovation in the world of industrial valve manufacturing. With a legacy dating back to 1901, we have been helping harness the power of water for well over a century.

An Industrial Valve Company Rooted In Values

At American Valve, our core values of integrity, creativity, and fairness guide everything we do.

is ingrained in our operations, ensuring transparent and honest dealings with our clients and partners.


fuels our innovative spirit, propelling us to develop groundbreaking solutions that redefine industry standards.


forms the foundation of our relationships, fostering trust and mutual respect.

With these values, we build lasting partnerships and deliver unparalleled water management solutions to customers across North America.

Our Mission

At American Valve, our mission is to build innovative solutions that solve everyday water challenges.

Our job is to make yours easier. We know you’re tired of dealing with leaking valves and time-consuming fixes for limescale buildup. American Valve prioritizes innovation, addressing your problems and pain points head-on with solutions that work. We’re committed to modernizing facility specifications and strive to provide cutting-edge products that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your water systems. We develop groundbreaking solutions so you can harness the power of water without the hassle of leaks and limescale.

We work to be the most valued partner in the water industry, offering expertise in a wide range of valves, valve components, and anti-scale solutions. Our mission is not just a statement; it’s a commitment to shaping the future of water management and building a lasting partnership with you and your business.

Industrial Valve Suppliers with a Vision

Our vision is to be your most valued partner in the water industry. To achieve this, we start by being solutions experts and innovators. We continuously grow our industry expertise to provide you with durable solutions to all of your water challenges. When it comes to valve and limescale solution innovation, American Valve is at the forefront.

Committed to Global Water Solutions

Our mission extends globally. We support Living Waters of the World, a non-profit that brings essential water treatment systems to communities in need worldwide. Living Waters of the World trains volunteers to install sustainable water solutions, addressing water scarcity and enhancing access to clean water in underserved regions.

American Valve proudly recognizes the fundamental importance of clean water for mankind. Access to clean water transforms lives and Living Waters for the World reflects our own mission to empower people and improve how we use water worldwide.

Living Waters for the World logo

Proudly Manufactured in the

American Valve is headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia. Our North American manufacturing facility is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We are proud to offer American-made goods both nationally and globally.

Please consult us for any specific contract or regulatory requirements related to country of origin.

Say Goodbye to Leaks & Limescale

At American Valve, we understand the challenges you face in managing water systems, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that make your life easier. Stop letting leaky valves and limescale buildup slow you down. Let American Valve help you harness water.

Valves Engineered for Excellence

Discover the versatility of American Valve’s 4000 Series ball valves, a dynamic solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional valve types. Engineered with precision and innovation, the 4000 Series ball valves are designed to seamlessly replace any 125/150 class flanged or grooved valve, eliminating maintenance and ensuring smooth operation. Say goodbye to the frustrations of leaky and stuck gate valves and worn-out butterfly valves. Our 4000 Series Teflon-coated ball valves will revolutionize your experience with water. Our valves guarantee smooth operation, making them incredibly easy to open and close. The Teflon coating ensures resistance to corrosion, extending the lifespan of the valves and preventing leaks. You can trust that each ball valve we engineer will stand the test of time, delivering reliability, ease of use, and peace of mind.

Replace Crusty Gate Valves with 4000 Series Ball Valves


Gate valves are made to an ANSI Class IV shutoff standard—they leak by design. American Valve’s 4000 Series ball valves are engineered with precision and feature a patented PFA*-fused ball that resists buildup and corrosion that damages valve seats, significantly reducing the risk of leakage.


The patented PFA*-fused ball offers unmatched corrosion-resistance, lasting 10x longer than unprotected metal balls.

Sticking or Binding

Sediment, rust deposits, or debris accumulates on the disk and seat rings of gate valves, causing them to seize. Their full port design and PFA*’s non-stick properties protect sealing surfaces, requiring no “exercising” to maintain them. Cheater bars can be a thing of the past with our 4000 Series ball valves.

Exchange Flimsy Butterfly Valves for 4000 Series Ball Valves

Seat Wear

Butterfly valve seats and discs are exposed to constant wear, and must be rebuilt frequently to maintain bubble-tight shutoff. The 4000 Series’ full port design protects seats from wear and prolongs their life.


Engineered to withstand a broad range of applications, 4000 Series ball valves come in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and Stainless Steel (CF8M) to resist corrosion both inside and out.

Flow Turbulence

Butterfly valve discs obstruct flow in the open position, and collect debris. Our full port 4000 Series ball valves are designed for optimal system performance and feature no obstruction in the open position, meaning no flow restriction or additional Cv calculations.

Choose American Valve’s 4000 Series ball valves to experience a new standard of reliability, longevity, and precision in industrial valve solutions. Partner with us to overcome common valve challenges and embrace a future where your water systems operate seamlessly.
ScaleRx Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System with transparent background

ScaleRX Zero‑Maintenance Scale Inhibitor:
Revolutionizing Water Quality

We are not just a leading industrial valve supplier, we are also a leading manufacturer of innovative anti-scale solutions. About 90% of the country has some degree of hard water, reducing your equipment’s efficiency. American Valve’s ScaleRx® limescale solution is a game-changer in water quality management. ScaleRx is engineered to tackle the persistent issue of scale buildup in commercial pipes and appliances.

ScaleRx is a zero-maintenance scale inhibitor that redefines water treatment. Unlike conventional water softeners, ScaleRx tackles hard water challenges without the need for chemical additives, maintenance, or even a power supply. Without alteration of the water’s mineral content, ScaleRx effectively prevents most limescale accumulation, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your water systems and equipment.

Choose ScaleRx for a transformative approach to hard water management – experience the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation that sets us apart from other industrial valve suppliers.


Contact American Valve Today and Make Water Work for You

Whether you’re dealing with industrial applications or municipal water systems, our valves and scale inhibitors are crafted with precision to meet the diverse needs of our customers across a wide range of industries. We are industrial valve manufacturers dedicated to providing water solutions that not only solve everyday challenges but also contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of water management, making your job easier.

Ready to harness the power of water? Contact us today and discover how our industrial valves can make water work for you. Join our industrial valve company in shaping the future of the water industry through innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to quality. No matter your industry or application, American Valve has the valve and descaling solutions for you.